Leather Goods Of Bangladesh

Bangladeshi Leather goods are largely accepted all over the world for it quality and unique styles. Bangladeshi leather goods manufacturers are well experienced. The government of Bangladesh has paying special interest of enlargement of Leather Industry.

Due to our food habit and religious tradition Bangladeshi leather goods manufacturers find a huge number of raw Cow, Ships, Camel and Goat leather every year. So our leather quality is exceptional from other countries.

Due to cheap labour market and availability of leathers, our manufacturers can produce leather products much cheaper than any other countries. This is why Bangladesh leather products are widely accepted and we are exporting huge number of leather goods every year. Leather goods are one of the largest parts of our economy.

We have reliable and well know Bangladeshi manufacturers who manufacture different goods in their own industry by well experienced engineers and workers.

‘Expo BD’ has aim to export quality goods to foreign countries and also represent Bangladeshi goods to the world market. We ensure the product quality for our valuable buyers. We only confirm the order if we believe that, we can ensure the right product with the best quality. ‘Expo BD’ ensures the delivery of the product within the time frame.¬†We process minimum exportable order at any destination.

Here are some pictures of our products bellow. Anyone can request any of these products and products can be delivered on time in any countries.If any buyer wants to order goods of his own design with Logo/monogram/Name, that can be done as well. We want to confirm that our manufacturers can get the customized products done as per the requirements of the clients.

Our Leather Items:
  1. Professional Office Bag (Men & Women)
  2. Purse
  3. Wallet
  4. Jacket (Men & Women)
  5. Hand Gloves (Men & Women)
  6. Travel Bags
  7. BackPacks
  8. Notebook Covers
  9. Belts (Men & Women)
  10. Card Holders

Women's Item

Men's Item