Black Seeds

Nigela Sativa or Black seeds are known as Kalijeera or Fennel Flower. It is being widely used in cooking to increase taste and flavor of the food. It has some herbal benefits and contains protein, natural minerals, niacin and potassium etc.


Purity: 99% Min

Other Color 1 %

Moisture: 5-7%

Acidity: 3 %

Admixture: 1 %

Oil Contain: 48 %

Color: Dark Black

Black Seeds Oil

‘Black Seeds Oil’ comes from Black seeds. This is a very beneficial and effective for several diseases. Many research shows that ‘Black Seeds Oil’ is very effective for Asthma & Allergies, Eczema and Psoriasis, Digestion, Candida and Fungus, Cancers, Heart Health, Immune Health and Skin & Hair.


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We are committed to export the best quality goods to our buyers as per their requirements. We only choose the best quality and farm fresh Black seeds for export. We process order for any amount of quantity and make sure to maintain the best quality as well to deliver the product to the right destination within the time frame as per the requirement of our buyers.