We are ‘EXPO BD’, a registered export company in Bangladesh. We are in the market with an ambition of exporting quality products to the buyers of different countries. Bangladesh is an agricultural country, produces a lot of products in its fertile land. We are dedicated to ensure the quality of these products and making sure we send these products to different nations through the buyers all over the world. Selling products is easy but maintaining the quality in longer version is not easy at all.

We are exporting various types of products to other countries, such as Jute Products (Handicrafts), Leather Products, Agricultural Products etc. As we are newly started our business, we are mostly interested and focusing on exporting small amount of products. But we are also ready to process any types of relevant order.

We are a team of people giving the concentration on exporting quality products, so that we can not only earn money but also achieve the faith of buyers from many different countries. Bangladeshi products have a very good reputation but in the global competitive market, maintaining the goodwill is a big challenge too. There are people who sell the reputation, in exchange of money and destroy the faith of the people outside of the country. We are committed to maintain the zero tolerance in terms of quality assurance.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to export the quality goods to different countries, earn foreign currency, contribute to the economy. We will not sacrifice the quality in exchange of high profit.

Payment Methods

‘Expo BD’ running its export business according the rules and regulations of the Govt. of the Peoples Republic Of Bangladesh. We deal with small/large orders regardless the quantity but we follow the payment process and the export policy of the government with supreme priority.

We accept any types of legal payment procedures but we prefer L/C, T/T, Bank Transfer payment systems as these are very supportive for export import business in Bangladesh.