Bangladesh is a country full of Natural & agricultural products, such as Mustard Seeds, Black Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Jute, Potato etc. Bangladesh is developing its growth by maximizing its agricultural products.  Bangladesh has a very fertile land and farmers harvest agricultural products with hard work. 

Our government gives the highest priority on harvesting agricultural products in our fertile land all over the country. After fulfilling the demand of these products inside the country, we export a huge margin of agricultural products to other countries all over the world. Exporting these products earn foreign currency for us and contribute in our countries economy a lot. Bangladesh contributes 26% of Jute and Jute Products of the world’s demand. It is a huge contribution to the world and a contribution to save the environment.

Our government supporting the farmers, as well as the manufacturers for better and quality production of these goods and their products. Garments products are contributing a lot to the economy but agricultural products are ensuring the movement of the wheel of our economy. Similarly Leather products is another asset for us and we are famous in producing quality leather products such as, Shoes, Jackets, Wallets, Purse, Belts, Bags etc.

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